Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No, you can't see my scar

Several folks who frequent this blog have asked if I'm going to post details about my hospitalization and recovery.

Good Lord, no! Wasn't Glenn Beck's anal surgery enough for you?

Listening to other people whine at length about their health is as bad as being assaulted by vacation slide shows on other people's laptops, especially of places you've never been to and have no wish to visit. Maybe worse.

Or having to view photos of their grandchildren on their iPhones. I don't show them mine -- why should I have to look at theirs? I don't know them and besides they're always funny-looking but you can't say anything.

And so for some time there may be few new posts, until my interest in the world about me has recovered.


  1. Henry, you really are a class act - one of the few remaining in the world.

    Best wishes on your recovery -

  2. Will you show a photo of the scar on your other blog?

  3. Hope you and your scar recover soon! Take care.

  4. Is this Henry, or the Vicodin, talking?

  5. Henry,
    Do you really think there's an overlap between your blog readers and Glenn Beck watchers?? Hmph is right!

  6. Class act is right ... Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  7. Actually Paula I'm a huge Glenn Beck fan.

  8. There's even a Keith Olbermann fan on this blog but I'll respect his anonymity.

  9. Did you see the piece on The Daily Show where Jon Stewart did a side-by-side clip of Glenn Beck completely contradicting himself on healthcare reform? It was priceless!

  10. Geez, I stay away a while and this?

    Belated wishes for a speedy recovery and blah blah blah. Just remember when it hurts: Aging is a bitch, but consider the alternative.

    (And, no, no desire for scar pix. I still have nightmares involving LBJ's.)

  11. Oh crap, thanks, Henry, for remindin' moi to get a pic (just took it) of my open heart scar for my blog.

    Stay on groovin' safari,