Thursday, February 18, 2010

Palin for President? Are you kidding?

Being a leftie, I am not generally an admirer of the punditry of George F. Will, my old Trinity College classmate, except when he is writing about the Cubs. Once in a while, however, he gets my political attention, as he does today writing in the Washington Post about Sarah Palin's presidential chances.

Key paragraphs:

". . . Sarah Palin, who with 17 months remaining in her single term as Alaska's governor quit the only serious office she has ever held, is obsessively discussed as a possible candidate in 2012. Why? She is not going to be president and will not be the Republican nominee unless the party wants to lose at least 44 states.

"Conservatives, who rightly respect markets as generally reliable gauges of consumer preferences, should notice that the political market is speaking clearly: The more attention Palin receives, the fewer Americans consider her presidential timber. The latest Post-ABC News poll shows that 71 percent of Americans -- including 52 percent of Republicans -- think she is not qualified to be president."

What George said.


  1. Amen. I'm a leftie too, but George will is the most sane and articulate Republicans, You ought to come out and visit "The Land of Eternal Sringtime" Bill.D

  2. Alas, while only 30% of Americans think she is qualified to be president, 43% would vote for her over Obama in 2012 according to Public Policy Polling. So 13% of us ... No, wait! ... 13% of THEM would knowingly vote for an competent instead of Obama.

    Trinity College in Hartford? Did you know fellow grad Frank Fasi, former mayor of Honolulu, who died a few days back?

  3. AAARRGH! Above should read: " ... would knowingly vote for an INcompetent ..."

  4. You went to school with George Will? I had no clue.