Friday, March 19, 2010

'Pig' trots ahead

Two more bits of news about the new, updated edition of What's That Pig Outdoors?, coming from the University of Illinois Press with an official August publication date:

1. The proposed jacket/catalog/promotional copy arrived in the e-mail yesterday. Aside from a couple of minor glitches, it read very well to me.

2. My agent e-mailed me that she'd been told that the first copies would be off press and at the U of I Press warehouse by the end of May.

The birth of a book, like a human, takes about nine months (not counting the actual writing). These two events are minor, if necessary, steps in the process, but they're like a late-pregnancy doctor's exam -- they chiefly remind one that all is well with the enterprise.


  1. So, Henry, what arrangements can we make with the author to buy autographed copies?

  2. I don't quite know yet. This edition of the book is being aimed at students in disability studies, and therefore probably will be found only in university bookstores, not your friendly corner Borders.

    If you're the KLS I think you are, then RIT's bookstore likely will carry it.

    But I think it'll be available on and Probably you can buy a copy there, have it shipped to me, and I can sign and mail it to you.