Friday, August 12, 2011

E-books are on the way

Get ready for some Henry Kisor e-books.

This week the original publisher of the first three Steve Martinez mysteries reverted all rights to me, clearing the way to convert the whodunits into e-books to be published as Kindle, Nook and iBook versions.

The books all exist on disk, but it'll take time to add the publisher's edits to the electronic manuscripts and then repeatedly proofread the results (volunteers wanted!) before preparing the files for final e-book form. I'll also have to come up with new jacket designs for each volume.

Look for the first in the Porcupine County series, Season's Revenge, to appear this fall, with A Venture into Murder and Cache of Corpses following close aboard.

Meanwhile, Hang Fire, the fourth in the series, is still being considered by a tree-book publisher.


  1. Good luck with this venture Henry. I would be delighted to proofread but I suppose it's a bit difficult given the Atlantic Ocean between us.

  2. The Big Pond is no obstacle when it comes to electronic manuscripts. Thanks, Stephen!

  3. I will help if needed. I have and have read all three of the tree versions of the books. I also have a Kindle.

  4. Henry,

    In that case should you wish I would be delighted to help (as would my wife).