Sunday, August 21, 2011

New 'Cache of Corpses' cover

Applying the hardcover publisher's edits to the original manuscript of my mystery novel Cache of Corpses so that I can re-publish it as an e-book is a time-consuming process, but I'm nearly two-thirds done with the job. Meanwhile, my chum Tina Davidson has designed a preliminary "cover" for the project, and here it is.

What do you think? Any areas for improvement you can see? Please let me know. Now that I am on my own as an e-book publisher I'll be relying on volunteer editorial opinions.

Off the top of my head I think the illustration of the GPS receiver is a little crowded up under that of the the .357 Combat Magnum (you'll recall that's the retro sidearm Sheriff Steve Martinez prefers to more modern automatic pistols), but it'll be a simple task to move that a few hairs to the right, perhaps centering it over the byline.

I rather like the bullet-holed, gore-spattered font used for the book title. It's called "Parents Suck," and it's a free font from

What say? Leave a comment below, please.


  1. Solomon, the travelerAugust 21, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    Only thing missing is a sultry brunette posed in a tight skirt seductively creeping up toward a kneecap, too much lipstick on slightly parted lips, white blouse with buttons straining to contain a bra filled with all-naturals and a look that says "Smoke Chesterfields -- they satisfy."

  2. Henry blow up the actual GPS screen to take over the entire cover...pale yellow is pale by comparison
    Then over lay your text & toys.
    That would bring more GPS mapping to the party.

    That would make the "Who Done It" into a "Where Done It" :-) ;-) Wally

  3. Henry, a few general comments, (that you can perhaps apply retroactively.)

    Always start a design project with a design "brief". It should detail the following at a minimum:

    a. Intended audience/s. In this case is it established followers of the series, people who are following a particular genre, followers of Martinez, etc., or people who are likely unfamiliar with these. What else do we know about them and what drives them to action. (they like simple messages, they like high content messages.)

    b. How/where will audience encounter the materials (web page/s, email, postcard, etc.)

    Are there competitive issues (will be displayed alongside others), how should this item stand out from the crowd? Also size of the piece (resolution), do you need a 'thumbnail version' that is perhaps simplified for use at a small size?

    c. Your objective or goal, e.g. what do you want the viewer to think or feel? Excitement, curiosity, fear, comfort.

    What is the mood? Fun, serious, contemplative.

    What else is important? Part of a series, local author, first work, award winning, credible author, price, etc.

    Likely you communicated all of these things to the artist verbally, but you haven't told us yet what the cover is trying to accomplish.

    Best regards, Paul

  4. I agree with Wally. Get rid of the gun and enlarge the GPS. I like the title font.

  5. Thanks to all for the comments.

    Solly: If we execute your idea, I will have to add "She was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window" to the first paragraph.

    Wally and Joe: Good ideas. We'll lose the revolver and focus on the GPS.

    Mr. Cunningham: Thank you for the egg-sucking lecture.

  6. Henry - If you 'kill' the gun you may want to replace it with a typically reconized CACHE CONTAINER.
    Ie: Ammo can / Tupperware container / Magnetic key holder....and don't froget the Camo-Duct Tape. :-) :-)


  7. "Parents Suck"? Hate the name, love the typeface. Keep the revolver. Enlarge GPS, I agree. :)