Friday, September 2, 2011


Here's the A Venture into Murder e-book cover art again, adjusted according to the suggestions from commentators yesterday.

I'm thinking maybe the skull-and-pickaxes could be even smaller than they are now, but maybe we're getting close to the final version.

Possibly the background color could be different, maybe a pale green? Or would the red title clash with that?


  1. Cache was yellow; do you want to "tie" the series together with similar covers? Or make them totally different as with the tree books. I kind of lean toward using similar colors and fonts to tie it all together. The words and graphic will be the difference.

  2. The tree-book series was tied together with similar cover elements: victims' legs sticking out of a tent, out of a mine cart, out of under a geocache, all with a bucolic forest background.

    I never really liked those covers. They smacked of juvenile-fiction pseudo-reality, as if they had been designed by urban artists with neither knowledge of nor appreciation for the North Woods.

    An early version of the tree-book cover for "A Venture into Murder" featured shapely gams sticking out of the mine cart -- wearing spike heels. Spike heels in the North Woods?

    The idea of similar cover colors is a good one and I may try the same yellow shade with the first in the series, "Season's Revenge," if I can figure out how to work a winter murder theme into it.

    I'm going to try to use a different headline font for each book in the series, but make each font as strikingly different from the others as possible.

  3. Hmmm, maybe green would be good for the cover.