Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Venture into cover art

The above is a preliminary cover for the forthcoming e-book version of my second Steve Martinez novel, A Venture into Murder (2005). What say, people? (I'm thinking the space above the title and below "A Steve Martinez Mystery" ought to be equalized.)

The novel concerns murders past and present involving an old copper mine in Upper Michigan. The title font, Pickax, is a free one, and the illustration elements are in the public domain.

Tina Davidson helped me learn how to move stuff around in Photoshop Elements to produce this hopeful work of art.


  1. Like this! A little more air between the skull and pickaxes and "Henry Kisor" would be good, and maybe the red in the title could be darker, more crimson like blood?

  2. Good ideas, Anonymous. Maybe making the skull and pickaxes 20-25 per cent smaller and the word "Murder" 10 per cent larger would give more balance among the elements.

    Otherwise a fine design.