Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take a knee, team

My uncharacteristic silence (maybe it's becoming characteristic) on this blog the last month can be laid at a couple of doors.

First, I've been busy getting Zephyr ready for e-book publication, of course. All the heavy lifting is done and I'm now writing the Epilogue for the new edition. This keeps me burning the midnight electrons. After all, this blog was conceived as a means to keep the fingers limber and the mind oiled while struggling to escape bouts of writer's block. If you don't see fresh posts every day, that means things are going well.

The second reason for my absence is acquisition of a new right knee Dec. 1. That went well and I am now in the first week of what promises to be a three-week stay in a rehab center. Probably I shouldn't blog while under the influence of large draughts of happy juice, but, looking over what I've written so far, it doesn't seem as if I've been at all indiscreet.

It wouldn't do to tell you that I hobbled down the hall with my walker and saw my broad-beamed rehab center neighbor bending over naked, would it? So I'll let that go unmentioned.


  1. You didn't mention it, we didn't hear it. What happens in rehab stays in rehab.

  2. Someone should TAKE ADVANTAGE of all the EXTRA skin showing up at the hospital and open a TATTOO boutique

  3. Ooooo! I'm looking at a new knee, too, and have a consultation with a recommended doc scheduled later this month. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

    P.S. I've seen the doc's photo. Is it possible he's just 12 years old?

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