Wednesday, December 5, 2012


. . . stands for "National Vacation from Writing Month," which I'm observing instead of NaNoWriMo, a k a National Novel Writing Month.


Because our house is an unholy mess, and it is a devil of a lot of work to put it back together. We decided to renew several rooms, mostly decor, but also add some structural things. In order to do that we had to move stuff out of several rooms into other rooms, and in true incipient-hoarder fashion, there is too much stuff to move back to their original spots. Therefore we are having to pitch stuff. (It is easier to part with possessions if you think of it as "stuff.")

For the last couple of weeks our dining room has been the town dump for the Lady Friend's office. To reassemble all the remaining stuff in her newly repainted lair will be like putting together a Lego spaceship without an instruction sheet. And have you ever tried to wash metal Venetian blinds that haven't been cleaned for 30 years? Or shred 45 years' worth of useless documents?

That is why I have not been updating this blog, or taking new photographs for the other one. Have patience. I shall return, he said stuffily.


  1. Early Spring cleaning, eh Henry? Hope it gets sorted soon for everyone's peace of mind.

  2. I'm glad someone else will have to clean my stuff when I pass from this life! She is a good friend, almost 25 years my junior. She is executor of my will, etc., and has seen my clutter innumerable times! She says: "No problem!" My house isn't so much dirty as simply an accumulation of "stuff" - things I deem more important - such as reading (a LOT), crocheting (gifts, a few things that I sell), writing (letters, email, a lot of poems), working crossword puzzles, etc. The house will still be here!