Monday, December 21, 2015

Not allowed? Huh!

“Dogs aren’t allowed in the store!” growled the Jewel supermarket worker as she swept past us down the aisle in high dudgeon.

A second later a Jewel checker halted by my cart and cooed to Trooper. “He’s so cute!” she said, asking if she could pet him.

That wasn’t enough for Debby, who by then had taken off after the cranky worker to read her the riot
Trooper semaphore.
act about service animals and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ms. Crank had disappeared into the shelves, so Debby stopped the friendly checker and told her what had happened.

“It’s not your fault,” Debby said, “but I’m hoping you’ll tell your supervisor about this incident and that he’ll pass on to all the employees the information that the law says service dogs are allowed everywhere, especially supermarkets.

“My husband shops here all the time and he will be bringing his service dog along. We spend a lot of money here, you know.”

I was standing with Trooper and the loaded cart several feet away, watching as my wife of almost 49 years vigorously held forth on my behalf, bringing to mind the Shakespearean phrase “And though she be but little she is fierce.”

Debby and I have noticed that many people who express disapproval toward Trooper’s presence in public places tend to be immigrants from the Third World and presumably have never heard of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Some come from cultures that consider dogs to be unclean and take wide and scowling berths around Trooper.

In the evening, nobody demurred about the dog’s attendance at the condo party in the lobby. I made sure everyone gave him a treat, thus forever cementing their friendships.

One small victory at a time.

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