Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Off to D.C. on the train

Not much to report about Trooper today. Yesterday was a fairly humdrum day, which is to say that he nailed his exercises in the morning and went to the store in the afternoon without interesting happenings.

But that will change this evening. At 6 p.m. we will board Amtrak's Capitol Limited for Washington.

We have a tiny roomette, having made the reservations early in the fall before learning that Trooper would come to us December 7. Sharing a narrow lower bunk with a small dog is going to be interesting.

What's going to be even more interesting is executing the pee and poo stops. There are only four possibilities after the train's 6:40 p.m. departure: South Bend at 9:09 p.m., Toledo at 11:39 p.m., Pittsburgh at 5:05 a.m., and Cumberland at 9:20 a.m. before the train arrives in Washington about 1 p.m. If it is on time.

And can we prevent oohing and ahing fellow passengers from wanting to pet Trooper? We really should say "Please don't, he's working," but who can refuse a small child who loves dogs? No, we have to harden our hearts and be tough.

We're returning on the Dec. 26 train. Expect a full report.

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