Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sheriff's star

Mike P., a regular reader of this blog, suggested I fill up a little of the blank space on the wraparound cover of The Riddle of Billy Gibbs (see the post just below) with a sheriff's star.

Capital idea, I thought. So I set to work with some public-domain clip art and my trusty Photoshop Elements software and came up with the accompanying effort.

Not too bad, but I need to tweak the background color of the circular inset so that it doesn't look quite so flat and artificial. Also I need to see if I can figure out how to render "Sheriff's Department" right side up rather than upside down. Maybe I should gray all of the text slightly, so that the art doesn't look so cut-and-pasted.

I'm no expert with Photoshop Elements, but it's not difficult to learn. What's hard is remembering all the steps involved in fashioning a piece of artwork.

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