Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Workin' on the Railroad

Here's my latest attempt at a wraparound cover for The Riddle of Billy Gibbs, coming in January. The first try consisted of the present front cover, plus yellow text on a flopped image of the cover photograph for the back cover.

Too many people said the back cover was hard to read. I had to agree.

So I threw out that flopped image and used a plain light blue background instead for the back cover and spine, with black text. I've tried hard to match the blue with one of the shades on the front cover, but I'm just not skilled enough with Photoshop Elements. I think the current blue is good enough for government work.

What say ye?

(Click on the photo for a large version.)


  1. I wouldn't worry about blending the blues; looks fine as is. I like the blurb on the back but... something is missing. Photo / Graphic / Henry pic and brief info in the blank space?

  2. Thanks, Mike. I really ought to give myself a publisher name (Porcupine Press is already taken, though) and a colophon to put in that blank space. Part of it will be taken up by a printer's bar code, though, so it won't look quite so empty.

  3. Maybe a color graphic sheriff's star at top? Push copy down a bit....